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Posted : Tuesday, June 10, 2008 10:46:35 PM
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i'm trying to write a custom indicator --specifically a %true--using a crossover of a moving average over its OWN moving average (in general, any indicator like a macd, rsi, etc. crossing over an added moving average). 

is this do-able?
Posted : Wednesday, June 11, 2008 8:22:20 AM

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In general, yes you can do so. How practical it is depends to a great extent on the particular Indicator involved and its settings. Crossovers of just plain old Moving Averages of Price is pretty easy to do. Here are some examples:

SMA9 xUp its own SMA12:

AVGC9 > AVG(AVGC9,12) AND AVGC9.1 <= AVG(AVGC9.1,12)

EMA7 xDn its own EMA5:


One note is that the AVG() and XAVG() functions cannot accept other formulas or functions as arguments. They can only be used on the representations of Indicators that are built into the Personal Criteria Formula Language. You may wish to review the following:

PCF Formula Descriptions
Understanding MACD
How to create a Personal Criteria Forumula (PCF)
Handy PCF example formulas to help you learn the syntax of PCFs!

Personal Criteria Formulas
TC2000 Support Articles
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