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Topic: fundamental feeds not available
Posted: Sunday, December 09, 2018 9:58:11 PM

Who is the new data vendor?  It's encouraging that you've finally changed, and I hope this will improve the accuracy of the fundamental data...especially the ones I follow, EPS percent change and ROE, which were unusuable.



Topic: maximum number of daily bars on a chart?
Posted: Sunday, December 09, 2018 9:46:34 PM

I haven't found a way to get more than 2 years of daily bars on any one chart.  This doesn't seem there a way to show at least 5 and preferably 10 years of daily bars on a chart?

Topic: How to turn off "writing option symbols"
Posted: Friday, August 17, 2018 1:50:19 AM

Al, I've just now read your reply post  and I have two things to say about what you've said...

First, if the data is only as good as the providers who feed it to Worden, then why are they still using Morningstar.  If Reuters is supplying good fundamental data to Investor's Business Daily, then it seems that if you want to have the best data you would get it from Reuters.  I've tried, and failed, to go on the Morningstar website to find the original data so I could figure out it they are the problem or if Worden is the problem.  But I'm not a Morningstar customer so I haven't found a way to access the fundamental data items I'm interested in (EPS % Change for current and previous quarters, ROE).  If you know of a way, please let me know as that would be very helpful.

Second, I did contact Customer Service and they said they would look into this problem...and I never heard anything more about it, and the problem has persisted.  This was one or two years ago.  I would contact Peter Worden if I knew how to do so.

I hope you see this and have a response...but since there doesn't seem to be a way to notify forum users of topic replies, I'm not holding my breath.


Topic: How current is fundamental data?
Posted: Thursday, August 16, 2018 6:53:47 PM

I've made comparisons between fundamental data (EPS % Change, and ROE) from Investors Business Daily and Telechart.  Assuming the Investors Business Daily (Reuters data) is the gold standard, the differences are dismaying and as much as I want to use Telechart's fundamental data, it's a waste of least in the categories I mentioned above.  You can check in the forum archives and find some of these comparisons.

Topic: Watchlist column heading template?
Posted: Friday, July 27, 2018 6:12:14 AM

Thanks for the links...I figured it out but it wasn't that easy. The instructions don't tell you how to find the orange add column button ( at the end of the row of column headings) when you can't get to the end(right side) of the row of column headings.  I had to start deleting column headings until the end came into sight.  There was no scroll bar and no other way that I could find to get to the last column heading in the default column set.  I then also discovered the Column Set options in the right click mention of that in the instructions either.

Topic: Watchlist column heading template?
Posted: Tuesday, July 24, 2018 5:04:06 AM

I have set up a favorite set of watchlist column headings and I'd like to be able to quickly duplicate them in each new watchlist.  Right now there is a standard default set of column headings that I don't like.  Is there a way to change the default set, or a way to make a list(templates) that I can pick from each time I create a new watchlist?  Right now it's awkward and laborious to move column headings out of the way and to add the ones I want.  Is there a quick way to do this...

Topic: chart is missing top three lines
Posted: Wednesday, July 18, 2018 8:48:25 PM

I created a new chart in v18, with a different watchlist, and the top three lines above the stock symbol line(stock symbol, M, 3M, 15M, h, D, W, M) aren't there.  Those lines include the Files, Tools, Help, Paper:Practice (what's this??), and New, Charts, Watchlists, Easyscans, etc..., and the third line which is the Buy, Sell line.

Since these lines are present on most of my charts, but not on one of them, there must be a way to turn them off and on.  Could you show me how to accomplish this...there are times when I want maximum screen space so I could turn them off, but sometimes I need them and would want to turn them back on for a short while.

Can this be done?



Topic: how to limit an alert to a specific watchlist
Posted: Friday, June 15, 2018 6:25:00 PM

I'd like to set an Alert to go off when the Vol% Change is greater than 150(%) compared to the Vol% Change of the previous day.  But I want to limit this Alert to a specific watchlist.  In v7 I could write a scan and limit it to a watchlist universe (of stock symbols) but I don't even see how to do that in v18.  Or how to do that with an Alert.

My Vol% Change Daily formula is:  (V / V1) *100.  I'm using it as a column heading and the watchlist's column is sorted each day so it ranks the symbols in the watchlist by this formula.  But I don't always check it everyday, which is why I need an alert.

Is there a way?

Topic: where are the Peter Worden reports and notes in v18?
Posted: Monday, May 28, 2018 2:05:52 AM

Thanks for that idea.  Until I got locked out of v7 a month ago, I was getting the Worden Reports most days.  I don't remember much in the line of recommendations to buy stocks, just a reporting of what was going on in the market that day, and some mention of stocks that were moving (Volume Buzz, etc...).

But it looks like v18 doesn't have even that...


Topic: How to turn off "writing option symbols"
Posted: Monday, May 28, 2018 1:53:10 AM

Thanks...if they'll just put their energy into getting accurate fundamental data, I don't mind waiting on this one.  It's just an unnecessary annoyance.