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Topic: Auto Refresh of scans
Posted: Wednesday, December 21, 2016 10:53:17 AM

Is there a way to keep the scan list from auto refreshing its self (ver. 17)?

I may run a scan from yesterday, but not get to look at all of them. The next morning, it will refresh the list on its own, and I prefer that not to happen.


Topic: Delete old Notes
Posted: Friday, December 02, 2016 5:58:11 PM

I decided to clean up my charts a little by deleting the several thousands of notes accumulated over the years.

Can't find a way to do this, short of clicking the 'X' on each note one at a time. I figure it will take me three or four days of hard core clicking to get the job done.

It would be nice to have an option to delete ALL notes. Hope development reads this.

Topic: Updated documentation for Hot Keys in TC2000 v12.2 - Nnofficial
Posted: Monday, December 16, 2013 9:52:25 AM

My question is this: If I have a list in TC2000 v7, and want to monitor that list intraday in TC v12, How can I call up the list in v12?


thanks you.

Topic: NGEN
Posted: Thursday, January 13, 2005 11:40:52 AM
I see where it came out of a base that lasted about 3.5 months. When it broke out, it went on to do what I’ve come to expect from a move like this. That is: “Smart Money” selling accumulated holdings on the way up, and dumping the rest near the top that shows up on the chart as high volume days. After this: spread got smaller and volume contracted before the move down started. A feeble attempt was made for a new high, but was not enough volume to take out the previous high. Now it began to move lower but not on heavy volume. This tells me to wait for a bottom to form and would like to see a Washout day before the bottom.
Topic: INTC looks about to have a bullish break
Posted: Tuesday, January 04, 2005 9:22:50 AM
When I look at INTC on a weekly, I see this: I pull a trend line from the highs of Jan. 04 down to the Nov. and Dec. highs. If you next pull a trend line across bottoms of the up move, you’ll notice price has taken out the long term down trend and came back to test it. Now if you draw one more trend line down from the Nov. high to the present, you’ll see the pennant you speak of. This will give a better view of things to come because it’s from the weekly chart. It may also help to know that price has touched the .618 % retracement line.

Hope this helps.
Topic: Candle Sticks
Posted: Tuesday, December 28, 2004 11:53:16 PM
How many times did I get nailed trading Candle signals? I lost count. It began to dawn on me that other forces are at work and must be dealt with before the trade is put on. A great book on Candles was written buy “Stephen Bigalow”, Called “Profitable Candlestick Trading”.
In spite of its’ claim to pure Candles and the Stochastics, I warn anyone to go further than this almost complete study on trading with Candles. I now look at the signals as points of entry or exit based on other indications of price reversal.
Here is a short list; (If I see a possible setup)….I draw horizontal S&R lines on weekly charts. Next on the daily chart, I draw horizontal lines. These lines all come from pivots back as much as two or three years. The only time I use none-pivot lines is when near term price has a hair cut and I want a short line to find intraday levels as S&R for the 60minute chart. That’s because I use the 60m to enter, and I want to know the best place to enter an order. Candles work well on intraday charts, but tend to be a little less reliable when you get below 15m charts. As for the S&R lines; they are just one tool I use to confirm the Candle signal. I like to see a cluster of lines in close proximity. I also use Fibonacci levels, but I consider them second to S&R.
Basically I’m saying Candle signals are great, but will leave you short a few bucks in your account if you don’t have a swing size that you are used to working with and have a workup from your other tools to show evidence of a potential move. Lastly, don’t forget Volume (the King of measurements). If you don’t know about it; there’s a software you can buy that will use TC2K data to search for all the candle setups. Its’ called (CandlePower Plus). Web addy is:
Topic: Metastock data
Posted: Friday, December 17, 2004 9:20:39 AM
I think this speaks for many Metastock users out here.

My list for auto-export to MS each day will range from about 180 to 700 symbols. However; you can only export (250) to MS format in TC2K.

It would be so much better if we could move a list of at least 2000. This would allow the scan features in MS to be used with less problems. These days Metastock supports a single directory of (6000) symbols.

I'm aware that you can do this with a few steps where exporting Text to a file, and using the Downloader in MS to convert.

I would rather go shopping with my girlfriend than to use the "Dreaded Downloader" though.

thanks. TC2K is the best. I've been a user for more than 3 yrs.
Topic: Advanced GET
Posted: Friday, December 17, 2004 8:51:22 AM
I use AG. It will read your data just fine.