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Topic: Techniques for using the Sublist feature
Posted: Wednesday, February 8, 2006 1:23:13 PM
Doug: again, another great video. You covered a lot of interesting areas, as well as providing refreshing ideas to apply in the search for good stocks. Thanks!!

Topic: Sir Methodical's TSV guideline
Posted: Monday, January 9, 2006 6:35:49 PM
You were right! I never thought about this aspect, as I use exponentials in everything. Now, I've learnt something for future use.

Topic: Sir Methodical's TSV guideline
Posted: Monday, January 9, 2006 9:17:52 AM
When following Sir Methodical’s TSV usage ( 12/21/05) I did not find the correlations that he refers to.

For example: he states “...From June 27 to July 5, CRDN’s price jumped 30% with volume 2-4 times normal. As this occurred, TSV stepped up from slightly negative to very positive. Twelve days later this action was moving out of the time range for TSV12 and volume was dropping. TSV12 dropped steeply (which is normal). With its greater smoothing ability, TSV20 continued to rise."

In my screen, all the TSVs move in unison. There are no noticeable differences that relate to the description above. I have tried at different zoom levels and time frames and the results are similar. I included TSV30 with same results. Maybe you can identify where I may be at fault!

Thanks for looking into this matter.

Best regards,


Topic: Spotting trend changes using linear regression channel sorts
Posted: Tuesday, October 18, 2005 5:23:38 PM
OOPs...I guess I have been too long on the PC and got mesmerized by all the screens I had been watching! Somehow, I was using a past chart when looking at the results of the sorts...and I didn't realize this until I went to do some other work and on returning noticed the flashing warning on the top right of the screen. I do appologize for my oversight!
The results are quite in order with the reading of the sort.
Best regards,

Topic: Spotting trend changes using linear regression channel sorts
Posted: Tuesday, October 18, 2005 4:35:47 PM
I liked the results as posted in the video...and went ahead and did a trial today using the Nasdaq 100. The results are not as clear-cut as those of the video.
For example, in the ending sort, I have the following:
SBUX = 317.83 has bar above channel
AMZB = 251.47 has ending bars below channel
YHOO = 243.65 has ending bars below channel

AMAT = 156.56 has bar ending above channel.

As I go down the list, the results continue to be in reverse order of what I expect to find, especially in the top 10 stocks sorted.

Please explain why I'm getting these results.

I truly appreciate your videos and all the effort you put forth for the benefit of the users. They are all great. Sorry to trouble with this.

Topic: PCF formula
Posted: Tuesday, August 23, 2005 10:57:03 AM
I think you've got me on the right track! I will work with this and see how it turns out.


Topic: PCF formula
Posted: Monday, August 22, 2005 6:41:20 PM
Please help me in developing a pcf that would accomplish the following:

This concerns the 10 ma and the 20 ma of price.

First: the down slope of 10ma below the 20 ma for a period of 60 days


Second: the crossing of the 10 ma above the 20 ms and remaining above the 20ma for 5 days.

I have tried this on my own but I just can’t get it to work!

Thanks in advance!

Topic: Fibonacci scale
Posted: Thursday, August 18, 2005 12:34:29 PM
Thanks for the update. Yes, I did see the video...but I must have missed the key element; all is clear now.

Topic: Fibonacci scale
Posted: Thursday, August 18, 2005 9:27:04 AM
Could you expand on the way the Fibonacci ruler works on a chart.

If I start the Fib ruler from the bottom of the chart and extend it to the top, I am not sure if the reading starts from the bottom up or the top down. I've tried the drawing both ways and what I see doesn't make sense. I am overlooking something...

I view this tool to indicate the potential retracement level and so far I don't trust the results.

Thanks for your help in this. I have learned, and continue to learn, from the many videos and answers you provide to all of us!

Topic: Learn how to use the forums: post a new topic, reply, Search existing topics
Posted: Wednesday, August 3, 2005 5:18:10 PM
Thanks for another great tutorial, especially this one that is so helpful in 'opening windows'.