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Posted : Monday, January 29, 2018 7:05:26 PM
Gold Customer Gold Customer

Joined: 12/7/2007
Posts: 88

I am having trouble using version 2017 after a decade of using v2007.  I feel like I must be thinking about things the wrong way and I am stuck.  I want to a) create a universe of US common stocks, closed end funds and ADRs and b) start applying conditions to that universe such as minimum price per share, minimum liquidity etc., c) then I want to apply PCFs to scan that universe and arrive at a final list of stocks. How do I do that?  In v2017 I've created a new tab. Then I pick a stock universe like US common stocks.  Then I'm stuck.  How do I add closed end funds and ADRs to the universe?  Then how do I apply conditions to filter down the list?

Is there a better way to think about this to arrive at a filtered list of stocks?

I want to:

a) create a custom universe

b) add conditions to filter down that universe to a final list of stocks

The videos show how to create a watchlist but not how to edit the watch list with other conditions.  I'm sure I just don't get it, but none the less I'm stuck.

Appreciate any ideas.

Posted : Tuesday, January 30, 2018 9:23:43 AM

Worden Trainer

Joined: 10/7/2004
Posts: 65,138

In TC2000 v17, you would need to create a Personal WatchList and add the symbols you want to it if there isn't a single system WatchList containing all of the symbols you want. You can copy all of the symbols in multiple system WatchLists to the same Personal WatchList if you want and manually add and remove specific symbols as well.

How to Create a New Personal WatchList

You would then use that Personal WatchList as the List to Scan in an EasyScan.

The TC2000 v18 beta introduced the concept of a Combo List. This allows you to add multiple WatchLists together and have Pre-Scan Conditions to pre-filter the list to create a "My Universe" type list which can then be used as the List to Scan in other Scans.

These features have not been finalized yet however and there is no documentation for these new features yet.

Personal Criteria Formulas
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