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scan for stock that have RSI at value of 30 or below Rate this Topic:
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Posted : Wednesday, July 22, 2009 12:44:11 PM
Registered User
Joined: 7/23/2005
Posts: 128
Hi Could you help me to set up a scan to scan for stocks with the following condition.

stocks with wilders RSI at 30 or below AND where stock has been above the 50 MA for the last 30 days

thanks for your help
Posted : Wednesday, July 22, 2009 12:50:21 PM

Worden Trainer

Joined: 10/7/2004
Posts: 65,138
The RSI portion of the formula would depend on your particular Wilder's RSI settings:

- RSI Period: ?
- Use Wilders Smoothing: Checked or Unchecked?
- Avg Period: ?
- Average Type: Simple or Exponential?

If the Moving Average is Simple, you can determine if the Close has been above the SMA50 for the past 30-Bars using the following Personal Criteria Formula:

C > AVGC50 AND C1 > AVGC50.1 AND C2 > AVGC50.2 AND C3 > AVGC50.3 AND C4 > AVGC50.4 AND C5 > AVGC50.5 AND C6 > AVGC50.6 AND C7 > AVGC50.7 AND C8 > AVGC50.8 AND C9 > AVGC50.9 AND C10 > AVGC50.10 AND C11 > AVGC50.11 AND C12 > AVGC50.12 AND C13 > AVGC50.13 AND C14 > AVGC50.14 AND C15 > AVGC50.15 AND C16 > AVGC50.16 AND C17 > AVGC50.17 AND C18 > AVGC50.18 AND C19 > AVGC50.19 AND C20 > AVGC50.20 AND C21 > AVGC50.21 AND C22 > AVGC50.22 AND C23 > AVGC50.23 AND C24 > AVGC50.24 AND C25 > AVGC50.25 AND C26 > AVGC50.26 AND C27 > AVGC50.27 AND C28 > AVGC50.28 AND C29 > AVGC50.29

If the Moving Average is Exponential, you can determine if the Close has been above the EMA50 for the past 30-Bars using the following PCF:

C > XAVGC50 AND C1 > XAVGC50.1 AND C2 > XAVGC50.2 AND C3 > XAVGC50.3 AND C4 > XAVGC50.4 AND C5 > XAVGC50.5 AND C6 > XAVGC50.6 AND C7 > XAVGC50.7 AND C8 > XAVGC50.8 AND C9 > XAVGC50.9 AND C10 > XAVGC50.10 AND C11 > XAVGC50.11 AND C12 > XAVGC50.12 AND C13 > XAVGC50.13 AND C14 > XAVGC50.14 AND C15 > XAVGC50.15 AND C16 > XAVGC50.16 AND C17 > XAVGC50.17 AND C18 > XAVGC50.18 AND C19 > XAVGC50.19 AND C20 > XAVGC50.20 AND C21 > XAVGC50.21 AND C22 > XAVGC50.22 AND C23 > XAVGC50.23 AND C24 > XAVGC50.24 AND C25 > XAVGC50.25 AND C26 > XAVGC50.26 AND C27 > XAVGC50.27 AND C28 > XAVGC50.28 AND C29 > XAVGC50.29

You may wish to review the following:

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