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Topic: Custom PCF SWING
Posted: Monday, November 13, 2017 3:35:08 PM

No I understand its not 100% accurate for what i wanted but i can play around with the ratios and trade my patterns accordingly ... thanks once again


Topic: Custom PCF SWING
Posted: Monday, November 13, 2017 2:36:33 PM

Bruce Excellent work, whatever you did that works and  i m trader i can trade well but i cannot code , you the best at what you do and thank you for help 

Now can you please do one more same idea  where 

i want pcf to find out where is the current price high in relation to  the below pcf after it is true 

IIF(MAXH2 < H2 AND H2 > MAXH2.3 AND H2 > IIF(MAXH2.3 < H5 AND H5 > MAXH2.6, H5, IIF(MAXH2.4 < H6 AND H6 > MAXH2.7, H6, IIF(MAXH2.5 < H7 AND H7 > MAXH2.8, H7, IIF(MAXH2.6 < H8 AND H8 > MAXH2.9, H8, IIF(MAXH2.7 < H9 AND H9 > MAXH2.10, H9, IIF(MAXH2.8 < H10 AND H10 > MAXH2.11, H10, IIF(MAXH2.9 < H11 AND H11 > MAXH2.12, H11, IIF(MAXH2.10 < H12 AND H12 > MAXH2.13, H12, IIF(MAXH2.11 < H13 AND H13 > MAXH2.14, H13, IIF(MAXH2.12 < H14 AND H14 > MAXH2.15, H14, IIF(MAXH2.13 < H15 AND H15 > MAXH2.16, H15, IIF(MAXH2.14 < H16 AND H16 > MAXH2.17, H16, IIF(MAXH2.15 < H17 AND H17 > MAXH2.18, H17, IIF(MAXH2.16 < H18 AND H18 > MAXH2.19, H18, IIF(MAXH2.17 < H19 AND H19 > MAXH2.20, H19, IIF(MAXH2.18 < H20 AND H20 > MAXH2.21, H20, IIF(MAXH2.19 < H21 AND H21 > MAXH2.22, H21, IIF(MAXH2.20 < H22 AND H22 > MAXH2.23, H22, IIF(MAXH2.21 < H23 AND H23 > MAXH2.24, H23, IIF(MAXH2.22 < H24 AND H24 > MAXH2.25, H24, IIF(MAXH2.23 < H25 AND H25 > MAXH2.26, H25, IIF(MAXH2.24 < H26 AND H26 > MAXH2.27, H26, IIF(MAXH2.25 < H27 AND H27 > MAXH2.28, H27, IIF(MAXH2.26 < H28 AND H28 > MAXH2.29, H28, IIF(MAXH2.27 < H29 AND H29 > MAXH2.30, H29, IIF(MAXH2.28 < H30 AND H30 > MAXH2.31, H30, IIF(MAXH2.29 < H31 AND H31 > MAXH2.32, H31, IIF(MAXH2.30 < H32 AND H32 > MAXH2.33, H32, IIF(MAXH2.31 < H33 AND H33 > MAXH2.34, H33, IIF(MAXH2.32 < H34 AND H34 > MAXH2.35, H34, IIF(MAXH2.33 < H35 AND H35 > MAXH2.36, H35, IIF(MAXH2.34 < H36 AND H36 > MAXH2.37, H36, IIF(MAXH2.35 < H37 AND H37 > MAXH2.38, H37, IIF(MAXH2.36 < H38 AND H38 > MAXH2.39, H38, IIF(MAXH2.37 < H39 AND H39 > MAXH2.40, H39, IIF(MAXH2.38 < H40 AND H40 > MAXH2.41, H40, IIF(MAXH2.39 < H41 AND H41 > MAXH2.42, H41, IIF(MAXH2.40 < H42 AND H42 > MAXH2.43, H42, IIF(MAXH2.41 < H43 AND H43 > MAXH2.44, H43, IIF(MAXH2.42 < H44 AND H44 > MAXH2.45, H44, IIF(MAXH2.43 < H45 AND H45 > MAXH2.46, H45, IIF(MAXH2.44 < H46 AND H46 > MAXH2.47, H46, IIF(MAXH2.45 < H47 AND H47 > MAXH2.48, H47, IIF(MAXH2.46 < H48 AND H48 > MAXH2.49, H48, IIF(MAXH2.47 < H49 AND H49 > MAXH2.50, H49, IIF(MAXH2.48 < H50 AND H50 > MAXH2.51, H50, IIF(MAXH2.49 < H51 AND H51 > MAXH2.52, H51, IIF(MAXH2.50 < H52 AND H52 > MAXH2.53, H52, IIF(MAXH2.51 < H53 AND H53 > MAXH2.54, H53, IIF(MAXH2.52 < H54 AND H54 > MAXH2.55, H54, IIF(MAXH2.53 < H55 AND H55 > MAXH2.56, H55, IIF(MAXH2.54 < H56 AND H56 > MAXH2.57, H56, IIF(MAXH2.55 < H57 AND H57 > MAXH2.58, H57, IIF(MAXH2.56 < H58 AND H58 > MAXH2.59, H58, IIF(MAXH2.57 < H59 AND H59 > MAXH2.60, H59, IIF(MAXH2.58 < H60 AND H60 > MAXH2.61, H60, IIF(MAXH2.59 < H61 AND H61 > MAXH2.62, H61, IIF(MAXH2.60 < H62 AND H62 > MAXH2.63, H62, IIF(MAXH2.61 < H63 AND H63 > MAXH2.64, H63, IIF(MAXH2.62 < H64 AND H64 > MAXH2.65, H64, 1 / 0)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))), H2, 1 / 0)

we only need to identify most recent swing high and we don&#39;t have to try and identify the swing low at all. All we do is use the lowest low since the swing high (excluding the bar of the swing high) and drawing retracement from SWING HIGH TO LOWER RIGHT for lowest low 


Example MCD " on 195 min chart swing high as above pcf was Nov 08,2017 12.45 pm bar and current bar high in terms of fib ratio is approx under 61.8 so i need the same way value as output 


thanks for everything 



Topic: Custom PCF SWING
Posted: Monday, November 13, 2017 1:46:42 PM

Example CSCO on 195 min chart the above pcf was true NOV 10 12.45 PM BAR , so drawing fib retracement  from swing low to the highest high 12.45 pm bar today so retracement value of current bar low is approx 70.70 so i want that as output in result 

hope that helps 


Topic: Custom PCF SWING
Posted: Monday, November 13, 2017 1:40:41 PM

Hi Bruce 

hope you had good weekend ,,, can you please help with making custom PCF for below formula when BELOW PCF IS  TRUE only then  I WANT custom indicator TO FIND OUT WHAT IS THE CURRENT LOW  IN OUTPUT RESULT AS FIBONACCI RATIO VALUE

we only need to identify the swing low as the below PCF and we don&#39;t have to try and identify the swing high at all. All we do is use the highest high since the swing low pcf was true (excluding the bar of the swing low).


IIF(MINL2 > L2 AND L2 < MINL2.3 AND L2 < IIF(MINL2.3 > L5 AND L5 < MINL2.6, L5, IIF(MINL2.4 > L6 AND L6 < MINL2.7, L6, IIF(MINL2.5 > L7 AND L7 < MINL2.8, L7, IIF(MINL2.6 > L8 AND L8 < MINL2.9, L8, IIF(MINL2.7 > L9 AND L9 < MINL2.10, L9, IIF(MINL2.8 > L10 AND L10 < MINL2.11, L10, IIF(MINL2.9 > L11 AND L11 < MINL2.12, L11, IIF(MINL2.10 > L12 AND L12 < MINL2.13, L12, IIF(MINL2.11 > L13 AND L13 < MINL2.14, L13, IIF(MINL2.12 > L14 AND L14 < MINL2.15, L14, IIF(MINL2.13 > L15 AND L15 < MINL2.16, L15, IIF(MINL2.14 > L16 AND L16 < MINL2.17, L16, IIF(MINL2.15 > L17 AND L17 < MINL2.18, L17, IIF(MINL2.16 > L18 AND L18 < MINL2.19, L18, IIF(MINL2.17 > L19 AND L19 < MINL2.20, L19, IIF(MINL2.18 > L20 AND L20 < MINL2.21, L20, IIF(MINL2.19 > L21 AND L21 < MINL2.22, L21, IIF(MINL2.20 > L22 AND L22 < MINL2.23, L22, IIF(MINL2.21 > L23 AND L23 < MINL2.24, L23, IIF(MINL2.22 > L24 AND L24 < MINL2.25, L24, IIF(MINL2.23 > L25 AND L25 < MINL2.26, L25, IIF(MINL2.24 > L26 AND L26 < MINL2.27, L26, IIF(MINL2.25 > L27 AND L27 < MINL2.28, L27, IIF(MINL2.26 > L28 AND L28 < MINL2.29, L28, IIF(MINL2.27 > L29 AND L29 < MINL2.30, L29, IIF(MINL2.28 > L30 AND L30 < MINL2.31, L30, IIF(MINL2.29 > L31 AND L31 < MINL2.32, L31, IIF(MINL2.30 > L32 AND L32 < MINL2.33, L32, IIF(MINL2.31 > L33 AND L33 < MINL2.34, L33, IIF(MINL2.32 > L34 AND L34 < MINL2.35, L34, IIF(MINL2.33 > L35 AND L35 < MINL2.36, L35, IIF(MINL2.34 > L36 AND L36 < MINL2.37, L36, IIF(MINL2.35 > L37 AND L37 < MINL2.38, L37, IIF(MINL2.36 > L38 AND L38 < MINL2.39, L38, IIF(MINL2.37 > L39 AND L39 < MINL2.40, L39, IIF(MINL2.38 > L40 AND L40 < MINL2.41, L40, IIF(MINL2.39 > L41 AND L41 < MINL2.42, L41, IIF(MINL2.40 > L42 AND L42 < MINL2.43, L42, IIF(MINL2.41 > L43 AND L43 < MINL2.44, L43, IIF(MINL2.42 > L44 AND L44 < MINL2.45, L44, IIF(MINL2.43 > L45 AND L45 < MINL2.46, L45, IIF(MINL2.44 > L46 AND L46 < MINL2.47, L46, IIF(MINL2.45 > L47 AND L47 < MINL2.48, L47, IIF(MINL2.46 > L48 AND L48 < MINL2.49, L48, IIF(MINL2.47 > L49 AND L49 < MINL2.50, L49, IIF(MINL2.48 > L50 AND L50 < MINL2.51, L50, IIF(MINL2.49 > L51 AND L51 < MINL2.52, L51, IIF(MINL2.50 > L52 AND L52 < MINL2.53, L52, IIF(MINL2.51 > L53 AND L53 < MINL2.54, L53, IIF(MINL2.52 > L54 AND L54 < MINL2.55, L54, IIF(MINL2.53 > L55 AND L55 < MINL2.56, L55, IIF(MINL2.54 > L56 AND L56 < MINL2.57, L56, IIF(MINL2.55 > L57 AND L57 < MINL2.58, L57, IIF(MINL2.56 > L58 AND L58 < MINL2.59, L58, IIF(MINL2.57 > L59 AND L59 < MINL2.60, L59, IIF(MINL2.58 > L60 AND L60 < MINL2.61, L60, IIF(MINL2.59 > L61 AND L61 < MINL2.62, L61, IIF(MINL2.60 > L62 AND L62 < MINL2.63, L62, IIF(MINL2.61 > L63 AND L63 < MINL2.64, L63, IIF(MINL2.62 > L64 AND L64 < MINL2.65, L64, 1 / 0)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))), L2, 1 / 0)


Thanks a lot 


Topic: High and Low
Posted: Wednesday, November 08, 2017 12:52:29 PM

Hey Bruce 

thanks for yesterday&#39;s help 

I have quick question on 1 hour , 30 mins and 15 mins charts if i want to  highlight with dot or histogram bar only the highest high of that chart timeframe and lowest low of that chart timeframe and do scanning or sorting is there a method for whatever bars are availble or viewable at that point of time on chart ??

Example NFLX on 30 min chart has highest high on october 17,2017 and lowest low based on that 30 min chart was sept 26th

thanks for input and help



Topic: Measuring Distance
Posted: Tuesday, November 07, 2017 2:33:00 PM

Hi Bruce 

Just wondering is there a way to pcf for measuring "distance in between Aroon UP and Aroon Down lines " in form of histogram,,, , so for example when both lines are getting wider in distance histogram has expansion and when the distance between both lines narrows the histogram contracts , i don&#39;t care about which line  is above or below at this time  ,

but if its possible within the pcf to compute then i would prefer to know if Aroon up is above the aroon down then the histogram is green and if aroon down is above aroon up then histogram is red !

thanks a lot 


Topic: Since true pcf
Posted: Thursday, November 02, 2017 3:37:18 PM

Ok thank you bruce 

Topic: Since true pcf
Posted: Thursday, November 02, 2017 2:43:48 PM

Thank you Bruce  for that breakdown 


Now using the same idea i m applying to this formula and its giving me error is missing period argument so whats wrong here ?


SinceTrue(L + H1) / 2 / ABS(L > H1), 50)



Topic: Since true pcf
Posted: Thursday, November 02, 2017 1:58:57 PM

Hi Bruce 

Just wondering is there a better way to have counting bars from the time this below pcf was true 

IIF(V > V1 AND (H - L) / V < (H1 - L1) / V, (H - L) / V, 1 / 0)

Can you please help with new formula because i m getting error

thanks .


Topic: Average Percent True Range ( APTR)
Posted: Wednesday, October 25, 2017 1:03:11 AM

hi Bruce 

could you please do custom pcf for APTR 21 periods