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Topic: PCF QUERY crossing/closing
Posted: Monday, September 18, 2017 4:08:50 PM

Ok no worries, thanks 

Topic: PCF QUERY crossing/closing
Posted: Monday, September 18, 2017 3:59:18 PM

No Bruce thats not what i meant 

the assumption what i want is the formula i posted has happened True in past and today 's price is closing above that happened in past 


TSLA"  on daily the formula i posted was true on August 17,2017 and price crossing up the high of that aug 17,2017 bar and closed happened on September 11,2017  so i need spike of pcf on Sept 11th ,2017

hope that helps


Topic: PCF QUERY crossing/closing
Posted: Monday, September 18, 2017 3:34:35 PM

hi Bruce

what will be the pcf for price crossing up and closing above the following formula  today 

C < IIF(MINL2 > L2 AND L2 < MINL2.3, C, IIF(MINL2.1 > L3 AND L3 < MINL2.4, L3, IIF(MINL2.2 > L4 AND L4 < MINL2.5, IIF(C1 > L4, L4, C), IIF(MINL2.3 > L5 AND L5 < MINL2.6, IIF(MINC2.1 > L5, L5, C), IIF(MINL2.4 > L6 AND L6 < MINL2.7, IIF(MINC3.1 > L6, L6, C), IIF(MINL2.5 > L7 AND L7 < MINL2.8, IIF(MINC4.1 > L7, L7, C), IIF(MINL2.6 > L8 AND L8 < MINL2.9, IIF(MINC5.1 > L8, L8, C), IIF(MINL2.7 > L9 AND L9 < MINL2.10, IIF(MINC6.1 > L9, L9, C), IIF(MINL2.8 > L10 AND L10 < MINL2.11, IIF(MINC7.1 > L10, L10, C), IIF(MINL2.9 > L11 AND L11 < MINL2.12, IIF(MINC8.1 > L11, L11, C), IIF(MINL2.10 > L12 AND L12 < MINL2.13, IIF(MINC9.1 > L12, L12, C), IIF(MINL2.11 > L13 AND L13 < MINL2.14, IIF(MINC10.1 > L13, L13, C), IIF(MINL2.12 > L14 AND L14 < MINL2.15, IIF(MINC11.1 > L14, L14, C), IIF(MINL2.13 > L15 AND L15 < MINL2.16, IIF(MINC12.1 > L15, L15, C), IIF(MINL2.14 > L16 AND L16 < MINL2.17, IIF(MINC13.1 > L16, L16, C), IIF(MINL2.15 > L17 AND L17 < MINL2.18, IIF(MINC14.1 > L17, L17, C), IIF(MINL2.16 > L18 AND L18 < MINL2.19, IIF(MINC15.1 > L18, L18, C), IIF(MINL2.17 > L19 AND L19 < MINL2.20, IIF(MINC16.1 > L19, L19, C), IIF(MINL2.18 > L20 AND L20 < MINL2.21, IIF(MINC17.1 > L20, L20, C), IIF(MINL2.19 > L21 AND L21 < MINL2.22, IIF(MINC18.1 > L21, L21, C), IIF(MINL2.20 > L22 AND L22 < MINL2.23, IIF(MINC19.1 > L22, L22, C), IIF(MINL2.21 > L23 AND L23 < MINL2.24, IIF(MINC20.1 > L23, L23, C), IIF(MINL2.22 > L24 AND L24 < MINL2.25, IIF(MINC21.1 > L24, L24, C), IIF(MINL2.23 > L25 AND L25 < MINL2.26, IIF(MINC22.1 > L25, L25, C), IIF(MINL2.24 > L26 AND L26 < MINL2.27, IIF(MINC23.1 > L26, L26, C), IIF(MINL2.25 > L27 AND L27 < MINL2.28, IIF(MINC24.1 > L27, L27, C), IIF(MINL2.26 > L28 AND L28 < MINL2.29, IIF(MINC25.1 > L28, L28, C), IIF(MINL2.27 > L29 AND L29 < MINL2.30, IIF(MINC26.1 > L29, L29, C), IIF(MINL2.28 > L30 AND L30 < MINL2.31, IIF(MINC27.1 > L30, L30, C), IIF(MINL2.29 > L31 AND L31 < MINL2.32, IIF(MINC28.1 > L31, L31, C), IIF(MINL2.30 > L32 AND L32 < MINL2.33, IIF(MINC29.1 > L32, L32, C), IIF(MINL2.31 > L33 AND L33 < MINL2.34, IIF(MINC30.1 > L33, L33, C), IIF(MINL2.32 > L34 AND L34 < MINL2.35, IIF(MINC31.1 > L34, L34, C), IIF(MINL2.33 > L35 AND L35 < MINL2.36, IIF(MINC32.1 > L35, L35, C), IIF(MINL2.34 > L36 AND L36 < MINL2.37, IIF(MINC33.1 > L36, L36, C), IIF(MINL2.35 > L37 AND L37 < MINL2.38, IIF(MINC34.1 > L37, L37, C), IIF(MINL2.36 > L38 AND L38 < MINL2.39, IIF(MINC35.1 > L38, L38, C), IIF(MINL2.37 > L39 AND L39 < MINL2.40, IIF(MINC36.1 > L39, L39, C), IIF(MINL2.38 > L40 AND L40 < MINL2.41, IIF(MINC37.1 > L40, L40, C), IIF(MINL2.39 > L41 AND L41 < MINL2.42, IIF(MINC38.1 > L41, L41, C), IIF(MINL2.40 > L42 AND L42 < MINL2.43, IIF(MINC39.1 > L42, L42, C), IIF(MINL2.41 > L43 AND L43 < MINL2.44, IIF(MINC40.1 > L43, L43, C), IIF(MINL2.42 > L44 AND L44 < MINL2.45, IIF(MINC41.1 > L44, L44, C), IIF(MINL2.43 > L45 AND L45 < MINL2.46, IIF(MINC42.1 > L45, L45, C), IIF(MINL2.44 > L46 AND L46 < MINL2.47, IIF(MINC43.1 > L46, L46, C), IIF(MINL2.45 > L47 AND L47 < MINL2.48, IIF(MINC44.1 > L47, L47, C), IIF(MINL2.46 > L48 AND L48 < MINL2.49, IIF(MINC45.1 > L48, L48, C), IIF(MINL2.47 > L49 AND L49 < MINL2.50, IIF(MINC46.1 > L49, L49, C), IIF(MINL2.48 > L50 AND L50 < MINL2.51, IIF(MINC47.1 > L50, L50, C), IIF(MINL2.49 > L51 AND L51 < MINL2.52, IIF(MINC48.1 > L51, L51, C), IIF(MINL2.50 > L52 AND L52 < MINL2.53, IIF(MINC49.1 > L52, L52, C), IIF(MINL2.51 > L53 AND L53 < MINL2.54, IIF(MINC50.1 > L53, L53, C), IIF(MINL2.52 > L54 AND L54 < MINL2.55, IIF(MINC51.1 > L54, L54, C), IIF(MINL2.53 > L55 AND L55 < MINL2.56, IIF(MINC52.1 > L55, L55, C), IIF(MINL2.54 > L56 AND L56 < MINL2.57, IIF(MINC53.1 > L56, L56, C), IIF(MINL2.55 > L57 AND L57 < MINL2.58, IIF(MINC54.1 > L57, L57, C), IIF(MINL2.56 > L58 AND L58 < MINL2.59, IIF(MINC55.1 > L58, L58, C), IIF(MINL2.57 > L59 AND L59 < MINL2.60, IIF(MINC56.1 > L59, L59, C), IIF(MINL2.58 > L60 AND L60 < MINL2.61, IIF(MINC57.1 > L60, L60, C), IIF(MINL2.59 > L61 AND L61 < MINL2.62, IIF(MINC58.1 > L61, L61, C), IIF(MINL2.60 > L62 AND L62 < MINL2.63, IIF(MINC59.1 > L62, L62, C), IIF(MINL2.61 > L63 AND L63 < MINL2.64, IIF(MINC60.1 > L63, L63, C), IIF(MINL2.62 > L64 AND L64 < MINL2.65, IIF(MINC61.1 > L64, L64, C), IIF(MINL2.63 > L65 AND L65 < MINL2.66, IIF(MINC62.1 > L65, L65, C), IIF(MINL2.64 > L66 AND L66 < MINL2.67, IIF(MINC63.1 > L66, L66, C), IIF(MINL2.65 > L67 AND L67 < MINL2.68, IIF(MINC64.1 > L67, L67, C), IIF(MINL2.66 > L68 AND L68 < MINL2.69, IIF(MINC65.1 > L68, L68, C), IIF(MINL2.67 > L69 AND L69 < MINL2.70, IIF(MINC66.1 > L69, L69, C), IIF(MINL2.68 > L70 AND L70 < MINL2.71, IIF(MINC67.1 > L70, L70, C), IIF(MINL2.69 > L71 AND L71 < MINL2.72, IIF(MINC68.1 > L71, L71, C), IIF(MINL2.70 > L72 AND L72 < MINL2.73, IIF(MINC69.1 > L72, L72, C), IIF(MINL2.71 > L73 AND L73 < MINL2.74, IIF(MINC70.1 > L73, L73, C), IIF(MINL2.72 > L74 AND L74 < MINL2.75, IIF(MINC71.1 > L74, L74, C), IIF(MINL2.73 > L75 AND L75 < MINL2.76, IIF(MINC72.1 > L75, L75, C), IIF(MINL2.74 > L76 AND L76 < MINL2.77, IIF(MINC73.1 > L76, L76, C), IIF(MINL2.75 > L77 AND L77 < MINL2.78, IIF(MINC74.1 > L77, L77, C), IIF(MINL2.76 > L78 AND L78 < MINL2.79, IIF(MINC75.1 > L78, L78, C), IIF(MINL2.77 > L79 AND L79 < MINL2.80, IIF(MINC76.1 > L79, L79, C), IIF(MINL2.78 > L80 AND L80 < MINL2.81, IIF(MINC77.1 > L80, L80, C), IIF(MINL2.79 > L81 AND L81 < MINL2.82, IIF(MINC78.1 > L81, L81, C), IIF(MINL2.80 > L82 AND L82 < MINL2.83, IIF(MINC79.1 > L82, L82, C), IIF(MINL2.81 > L83 AND L83 < MINL2.84, IIF(MINC80.1 > L83, L83, C), IIF(MINL2.82 > L84 AND L84 < MINL2.85, IIF(MINC81.1 > L84, L84, C), IIF(MINL2.83 > L85 AND L85 < MINL2.86, IIF(MINC82.1 > L85, L85, C), IIF(MINL2.84 > L86 AND L86 < MINL2.87, IIF(MINC83.1 > L86, L86, C), IIF(MINL2.85 > L87 AND L87 < MINL2.88, IIF(MINC84.1 > L87, L87, C), IIF(MINL2.86 > L88 AND L88 < MINL2.89, IIF(MINC85.1 > L88, L88, C), IIF(MINL2.87 > L89 AND L89 < MINL2.90, IIF(MINC86.1 > L89, L89, C), IIF(MINL2.88 > L90 AND L90 < MINL2.91, IIF(MINC87.1 > L90, L90, C), IIF(MINL2.89 > L91 AND L91 < MINL2.92, IIF(MINC88.1 > L91, L91, C), IIF(MINL2.90 > L92 AND L92 < MINL2.93, IIF(MINC89.1 > L92, L92, C), IIF(MINL2.91 > L93 AND L93 < MINL2.94, IIF(MINC90.1 > L93, L93, C), IIF(MINL2.92 > L94 AND L94 < MINL2.95, IIF(MINC91.1 > L94, L94, C), IIF(MINL2.93 > L95 AND L95 < MINL2.96, IIF(MINC92.1 > L95, L95, C), IIF(MINL2.94 > L96 AND L96 < MINL2.97, IIF(MINC93.1 > L96, L96, C), IIF(MINL2.95 > L97 AND L97 < MINL2.98, IIF(MINC94.1 > L97, L97, C), IIF(MINL2.96 > L98 AND L98 < MINL2.99, IIF(MINC95.1 > L98, L98, C), IIF(MINL2.97 > L99 AND L99 < MINL2.100, IIF(MINC96.1 > L99, L99, C), IIF(MINL2.98 > L100 AND L100 < MINL2.101, IIF(MINC97.1 > L100, L100, C), IIF(MINL2.99 > L101 AND L101 < MINL2.102, IIF(MINC98.1 > L101, L101, C), C))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
thanks a lot 
Topic: Histogram Help
Posted: Tuesday, September 12, 2017 12:31:34 PM

Okay thanks a lot bruce ... 

And last query non related , can u please change this formula 100 * (C / (XAVG(H + L + C, 13) / 3) - 1)

to heikanashi open close bars i m having trouble putting parenthesis correctly


Topic: Histogram Help
Posted: Tuesday, September 12, 2017 1:45:03 AM

Bruce the pcf you did is perfect that is what i was  going for... 

Now is there a way to make that pcf as a dot plot so i can overlay on price bar ? as two colours  green for +1  and red for -1




Topic: Histogram Help
Posted: Monday, September 11, 2017 3:24:39 PM

Bruce can u please write a pcf for it being true when the below conditions are met I am having trouble writing them

1) I need pcf output as -1 when from your post of Thursday, August 31, 2017 12:55:04 PM

"Higher High and Lower Low " triggered as true in a row example LMT on daily chart(so i m drawing fib retracement from higher high to bottom right lower low 

2) Need pcf output as +1 when from your post above "lower low and higher high" triggered in a row example BLK on daily chart  and i m drawing fib retacement from lower low to top right higher high 

So i m expecting #1 will be downward direction going forward and 

#2 will be upward direction going forward 

Thanks  a lot 


Topic: Trend Indicator
Posted: Saturday, September 02, 2017 1:37:43 AM


Please try the following by changing all > signs to < sign 

100/ABS( (H + L + O + C)/4 < ((XAVGH6 + XAVGL6 + XAVGO6 + XAVGC6)/4) and (H + L + O + C)/4 < ((XAVGH12 + XAVGL12 + XAVGO12 + XAVGC12)/4) and (H + L + O + C)/4 < ((XAVGH18 + XAVGL18 + XAVGO18 + XAVGC18)/4) and (H + L + O + C)/4 < ((XAVGH24 + XAVGL24 + XAVGO24 + XAVGC24)/4) and (H + L + O + C)/4 < ((XAVGH30 + XAVGL30 + XAVGO30 + XAVGC30)/4))


you can change 100/ABS in beginning of formula to 0/ABS  that will plot your dots at bottom of the pane on price scale instead of it being in centre 


Hope it helps 


Topic: Histogram Help
Posted: Thursday, August 31, 2017 3:06:37 PM

Excellent Bruce that works...

thanks a Lot 


Topic: Histogram Help
Posted: Thursday, August 31, 2017 2:28:43 PM

Bruce thank you for the formulas, 

they work perfect 

But when i m offsetting its not working correct... i mean when i add 1 period simple moving average and offset -2 histogram is not plotting the candle exact where my original PCF has plot on price ... 

Can u please check at your end , what am i missing 



Topic: Histogram Help
Posted: Thursday, August 31, 2017 12:10:40 PM

Hi Bruce 

Here is an idea that i want to experiment ... I m looking to make Higher High&#39;s and Higher Lows in uptrend and Lower Highs and Lower lows in downtrend, 

1) So I did some back testing and what i want is a PCF which i can plot in Histogram, using this following formula for high

H2 * ABS(H < H2 AND H1 < H2 AND H2 > H3 AND H2 > H4)

Now Histogram should show GREEN if the above pcf is higher then the previous plotting of that pcf  and histogram should show RED if above pcf is lower then the previous plotting of that pcf, (so this becomes HIGHER HIGHS GREEN AND LOWER HIGHS In RED)

And can u pls include off set of -2 to the above pcf  into the new formula so it plots histogram bar exact to that candle of price ,

2) Next I need PCF which plots histogram using the following formula for low 

L2 * ABS(L > L1 AND L1 > L2 AND L2 < L3 AND L3 < L4)

Now here same idea if histogram should show GREEN if the pcf is higher then the previous plotting of that pcf and histogram show red if above pcf is lower then the previous plotting of that PCF (so this will become HIGHER LOWS GREEN AND LOWER LOWS AS RED)

And can u pls include off set of -2 to the pcf  into the new formula so it plots histogram bar exact to that candle of price ,


3) now the last part once we established new pcf then they should have flow as one synchronized histogram with FOUR COLOURS  if new pcf is true then it will plot  higher-highs  and higher -low above ZERO(with two colours) and lower highs and lower lows below zero (with another set of colours) so the flow visually looks like Awesome Oscillator,,,