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Topic: Watchlist Info updating
Posted: Monday, October 29, 2018 10:24:23 AM

Thanks, Bruce.  Already have done that on normal watchlists, but even if realtime is allowed on column data is not always "current."   Trading watchlist data does not allow refresh data setting.

Topic: Watchlist Info updating
Posted: Monday, October 29, 2018 10:06:11 AM

When a symbol is highlighted, please do a recalc/update to all column data.

This is especially important when doing a slide show on trading watchlist/positions symbols. Currently, realtime data is not being kept upto date/time.

Topic: Show Trading
Posted: Wednesday, October 24, 2018 4:41:58 PM

On/In the show trading summary info value set at top left of TC screen; please add/differentiate  separate values for "stocks" versus "options" (currently lumped sum values are displayed; may be useful, but is too inclusive).  Options are usually for periods longer than daily, equity trading can be also, but day trading is not.  Perhaps there should be a way to identify between day trading, swing trading and investment trading (i.e., holding overnight and/or multiple days).

Idea:  Automatic portfolio tracking if held after day end and until sold.

Topic: Number Shares Traded
Posted: Wednesday, October 24, 2018 3:10:37 PM

Running sums:  # shares, P&L, and commissions.  Other info --- ???????  Maybe TC commisssion, and other commissions for comparison (non-TC trading) to show savings using TC trading.

Thanks.  Cannot be too soon; today or tomorrow would make me happy!!!!!!  Hoping next release is ASAP.  Beta, great !!!

Topic: Trade Commission
Posted: Wednesday, October 24, 2018 2:37:28 PM

Documention indicates commission is included in cost basis; so thought to be an error of omission.  Have found images of options where commission is displayed; further evidence of omission error with equities.

When fixed, would like a pershare option value in addition to pertrade value.  Pershare is more meaningful if day trading  Default commission should be TC2000 value.  But if simulating non-TC trading,user would likely wish to specify another commission value other than TC value.

Topic: Trades Tab
Posted: Wednesday, October 24, 2018 1:43:03 PM

Tab allows "All Stocks" and "Active Symbol"; please add "Open Trades" also, thereby eliminating "closed" symbols.  Perhaps there should be a "Closed Trades" category as well.

Looks like open trades outstanding from past time periods can fall through the cracks currently.


Topic: Trade Commission
Posted: Wednesday, October 24, 2018 1:51:13 AM

Where/how to set the commission value.  Can find the bucket, but no way to set the value.  Appears to be an error of omission.  Please clarify.

Wishing to include in simulator; not doing live trading at this time.  May never do live trading if cannot demonstrate profitablity; i.e., worthless to try.

Topic: Trading Order Deletion Hotkeys
Posted: Sunday, October 21, 2018 6:19:17 PM

Ctrl Del :: delete all buy orders

Alt Del :: delete all sell orders

Shift Del :: delete all orders (buy and sell)

DEL key is keyboard delete, not ten-key delete

Topic: Trading Hotkeys
Posted: Sunday, October 21, 2018 5:34:05 PM

Perhaps better thought:

Instead of .01/.02/.03....10  less/plus increments, make relative Buy/Sell keys multiples of the interval value,

i.e., Ctrl/Alt 1 times value, 2 times value, 3 times value,.....10 times value.

Also more possibilities could be introduced by implementing Left Ctrl/Alt key versus Right Ctrl/Alt key.

Example:   Stops and/or Trailing Stops.

I do not know why both types are needed, I think one could set a hard stop loss and then use the same value as the trailing stop value, i.e., if the trade does not hit stop loss, stop automatically changes to a trailing stop value once the entry price is passed thereby reducing the initial stop loss, then subsequently to break even and then to profit, never to  have a losing trade.

Topic: Trading Hotkeys
Posted: Sunday, October 21, 2018 1:14:46 PM
Trading Hotkeys
Using the ten-key numeric keypad:  Num Lock ON
Buy keys
Ctrl /         Increment Value (2 - 4 decimals)
                 .00  default (.0000)
                 .01 , .02 , .03, etc., as desired
                 Pips, if Forex, i.e., .0001 , .0002 , .0003, etc.
Ctrl . (del)  Buy Ask
Ctrl 0         Buy Bid
Ctrl 1         Buy Bid-0.01 less Increment
Ctrl 2         Buy Bid-0.02 less Increment
Ctrl 3         Buy Bid-0.03 less Increment
Ctrl 4         Buy Bid-0.04 less Increment
Ctrl 5         Buy Bid-0.05 less Increment
Ctrl 6         Buy Bid-0.06 less Increment
Ctrl 7         Buy Bid-0.07 less Increment
Ctrl 8         Buy Bid-0.08 less Increment
Ctrl 9         Buy Bid-0.09 less Increment
Ctrl *          Buy Bid-0.10 less Increment
Sell keys
Altl /           Increment Value (2 - 4 decimals)
                  .00  default (.0000)
                  .01 , .02 , .03, etc., as desired
                  Pips, if Forex, i.e., .0001 , .0002 , .0003, etc.
Alt . (del)    Sell Bid
Ask 0         Sell Ask
Ask 1         Sell Ask+0.01 plus Increment
Ask 2         Sell Ask+0.02 plus Increment
Ask 3         Sell Ask+0.03 plus Increment
Ask 4         Sell Ask+0.04 plus Increment
Ask 5         Sell Ask+0.05 plus Increment
Ask 6         Sell Ask+0.06 plus Increment
Ask 7         Sell Ask+0.07 plus Increment
Ask 8         Sell Ask+0.08 plus Increment
Ask 9         Sell Ask+0.09 plus Increment
Ask *          Sell Ask+0.10 plus Increment