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Topic: How current is fundamental data?
Posted: Tuesday, July 03, 2018 2:04:33 PM

How current is the data used in the fundamental indicators such as: Shares outstanding, Capitalization, Percentage  Shares Held by Institutions, Revenue Growth Rate Last 4Qtr,Latest Total Net Income, Price to Sale Ratio, EPS Percent Change Last Qtr? Is the information Qtr, month or week....? 



Topic: horizontal line pcf
Posted: Wednesday, January 03, 2018 3:31:15 PM

That is the same conclusion that I came to. The formula as a condition set is what I am doing now with an adjustment to the price history as needed. I wanted to ask you before settling on this process just in case I had was missing  something or had not thought of. Thak you for the quick response.



Topic: horizontal line pcf
Posted: Wednesday, January 03, 2018 3:09:27 PM


A trendline would give me the same results as horizontal line as the alert would be based the triggered price of the first candle. Here is what I have been usingas kind of a work around: ABS(H-H3)<1 AND ABS(L-L3)<1 and V>V1 AND V1>V2 AND V2>V3 and V>100000 along with a price history greater than the price of the trend line or horizontal line 3 days in a row. I was hoping that I could quickly do it with the H line or T line alert. If you have any ideas that would be great.

Topic: horizontal line pcf
Posted: Wednesday, January 03, 2018 11:44:17 AM


Is there a way to write a pcf for horizontal line that I can use for an alert? A typical example for me would be: In anticipation of a small consolidation that could be above or below the candlestick at the time of thought. Example: I have a candlestick above a previous six month resistance of say $20.00. I use the horizontal line tool and place it the $20.00 mark. I would like to be alerted if price for the next two or three days stays above or closes above that line. Currently I have to be alerted by price entered and check daily. 



Topic: TechniTrader trading course
Posted: Friday, January 20, 2017 4:52:35 PM

I have taken a few of the Technitraders&#39; courses. While I have not made my money back yet, I think I have gained valuable knowledge of trading. I would say that I am not a fast learner and have reviewed the courses several times over. Each time I review the materials I always find something that I missed from before, or now have a better understanding because I have had the chance to practise and fail. I will say that my not making any money thus far is frustrating, but it is also my fault as I was not following the instructions  as laid out. I started out fine, but I guess I contracted "Procedural Drift". I was not utilizing the student support. I was not referring back to their wiki files with enough frequency. When I finally looked at their wiki files I had noticed that a lot more content had been added  than I saw before. Last fall  (2016) I finally sent an email of frustration to the support team of why I was not achieving successful trades of 75% or greater. I was contacted immediately by the support team via email, then by phone to review, and  evaluate my knowledge of the materials taught with corrections or suggestions following. That call helped a lot and gave me more structure and focus on the materials. One thing that I found that helped me is to print out, screen shot, highlight, and comment  on the charts  for referral later on. By the way, that is one of the things  that Martha mentions to do. I was not doing that before.

What I can say about Technitrader is this; I did not know a lot about the stock market and chart analysis until I took their course. There is a lot of content in each one of their courses which requires multiple viewing and reading. I now try to utilize the student support before I get to deep into my mistakes. I now subscribe to their Daily Market Education report which is an additional cost, but I am learning through that venue as well. Worth the money to me.

Technitrader definitely has a defined process, and methodical way of teaching their programs. I can see this being difficult for an experienced or knowledgeable trader who has had some success in the market and having their own method of doing things. I say to that; If you are going to spend the money then you need to be the student with an open mind with material and procedures, and let them be the teacher. I am fortunate as I did not have a lot of experience trading. Some of my trades worked some did not, and I wanted to learn why.

 I hope my reply helps whoever is reading this. I have invested a lot of money into the Technitrader courses and therefor hopefully myself and my financial future. That being said I am ALL&hellip;.IN. By the way I live in Canada and the Canadian dollar is about 70% of the U.S. dollar. So I pay 30% more, plus banking fees for Technitrader courses and subscriptions, and TC2000 subscriptions than my fellow traders in the United States. 

I could say more but I think I have said enough. Everything I said is my experience and my humble opinion.


Topic: candlestick pcf spring board and TSV question
Posted: Monday, December 07, 2015 5:01:35 PM

Thaks for the fast reply. I will check out the new pcf topic. 

In regards to the TSV;   When you meantion values are meaning setting like TSV 24 ema 12  and say the 2.8k represents oscillaiton point above the cente line ?

Topic: candlestick pcf spring board and TSV question
Posted: Monday, December 07, 2015 4:31:30 PM

Is there a way to write a PCF candlestick for springboard following a consolidation?

What do the numbers on the side bar of TSV  represent? For example if TSV reached 2.8k, does that mean 2,800 x 100000 lot s were accumualted for that period?