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Topic: Help with code
Posted: Tuesday, April 02, 2019 1:18:46 PM

Thankyou very much for all the varying ways and ideas....Its very appreciated and helpful Bruce!  Best regards!

Topic: Help with code
Posted: Friday, March 29, 2019 11:20:17 AM

Sorry, this is probably very simple:  How would I write a pcf that says i'm looking for stocks that are gapping up a minimum of 2% from the prior days close?


C1 < O AND O >= 1.02 * C1


This is what i have but the names its producing often time are below the prior days close.  Thankyou for your help.

Topic: ATR question
Posted: Wednesday, February 27, 2019 11:02:48 AM

perfect, thankyou Bruce !

Topic: ATR question
Posted: Wednesday, February 27, 2019 9:15:40 AM

Can this be expressed in a formula?

5 bar % ATR < 21 bar % ATR 

Topic: Weekly volume scan help
Posted: Friday, January 25, 2019 9:16:41 AM

Thankyou, appreciate it....


Question, i&#39;m this is not possible in tc2000....


Can this be calculated:   the average daily volume (maybe 50d avg) divided by the float, x 100 = Percentage demand?



Topic: Weekly volume scan help
Posted: Thursday, January 24, 2019 2:34:42 PM

EHTH is a name i&#39;ve been long some time.  If you look at the volume profile on the weekly, you can see its volume the week of 08/18/2018 jumped 200%> than its 50week avg, then it digested that move and ramped again consecutive weeks 10/26, 11/02, 11/09.   

I am wondering if its possible to create a scan condition which might look for weekly volume greater than 150% the 50week average in say 3 of past 10 weeks.  If its possible and it can be written, then i can play with the timeframes further.


Thankyou in advance for any input you might have !

Topic: PCF assistance
Posted: Thursday, November 08, 2018 12:57:00 PM

I appreciate the help, playing around with those!

Topic: PCF assistance
Posted: Wednesday, November 07, 2018 9:28:03 AM

This might be a 2 part pcf, not sure.  I am trying to accomplish the following.   I&#39;d like to be able to look for weekly or monthly bars on a chart that will show me the range from low to high is narrower than a significant number of prior weekly or monthly bars....probabaly at least 6.    So the smallest or close to the smallest range in some time....if i knew this could be written, i could add to it to lenghthen the timeframe or shorten.  


The 2nd part, is that the volume for that week or month, should be significantly less or the lowest its been during that time.   So maybe its less than the majority....


Its is possible to express a formula to search for these 2 criteria.  


Sorry if this is confusing.  Appreciate any input.

Topic: Code help
Posted: Wednesday, July 18, 2018 3:56:40 PM

Thanks Bruce, thats exactly what i was looking for!  Is it possible to take this 1 step further?....After C > C1 AND TrueInRow(C1 < C2, 3) = 3 AND C4 > MAXC47.5

Afer that absolute weekly low, i&#39;m looking for the next two weeks to be HIGHER
What i&#39;m basically trying to do is find the absolute Weekly lows following what you just wrote, then want to see 2 WEEKS up in a row ...hope that makes sense
Topic: Code help
Posted: Wednesday, July 18, 2018 2:54:32 PM

Hi,  On a weekly chart, after a stock has posted its Highest Weekly close, I am looking for the next 3 weeks close to be lower, followed by the uptrend to resume.  Is it possible to write a code to identity that criteria?