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Topic: PCF for minimum price movement
Posted: Sunday, February 05, 2006 2:10:46 PM
I should have read a little deeper in the forums. I found this for a 5 dollar monthly move over 6 months:


If I wanted this to be daily, then would line one be:
AND (maxH5.1-minL5.1 >=5)

etc? if so, i think I can figure out the rest. thanks again...
Topic: PCF for minimum price movement
Posted: Sunday, February 05, 2006 2:01:24 PM
I have a feeling this is a silly question, but I haven't been able to work it out as a PCF. Is there a way to do a scan that finds stocks that have moves at least 2 points per day on average? I'm thinking that's along the lines of ATR, but not sure. I don't care which direction the stock moves, just that it moves at least that much.


Topic: PCF for envelopes
Posted: Saturday, January 28, 2006 9:13:54 AM

I've been able to replicate an envelope channel w/ a 3 width with the following formula:

Plot w/ price scale:
UPPER CHANNEL LINE: (avgc60 +1.2)

of course, this has different results depending on where the stock trades in price, but I'm looking specifically at the Diamonds (DIA).

the reason I'm doing this vs just putting in envelope channels w/ a width of 3 and a period of 60, is I am trying to replicate these results in Excel for backtesting.

Which leads me to my question - these channel lines show the way they do because I'm plotting on a price scale. Any suggestion on how to replicate those lines w/ a price scale mathematically?

thanks again for a great program. I am aware of some programs that backtest using worden data, but I have to make the above a PCF. I have, but again, this brings up the price scale issue while creating the PCF.

Topic: MA and MACD PCF
Posted: Sunday, November 06, 2005 6:49:49 PM
Thanks! I also figured out that my MA issue is XAVG26 > XAVG26.5

As always, I appreciate the help!
Topic: MA and MACD PCF
Posted: Sunday, November 06, 2005 6:10:37 PM
Sorry, should have read some of the other posts. I see for MACD Crossing up above the zero line to use:

((XAVG(XAVGC16,3) - XAVG(XAVGC16,10))>0)AND((XAVG(XAVGC16.1,3) - XAVG(XAVGC16.1,10))<0)

If I am using a 10, 30, 5 MACD - in which order would I insert my numbers to the above formula?

Topic: MA and MACD PCF
Posted: Sunday, November 06, 2005 5:10:36 PM

I'm trying create a PCF that does the following:

1. XAVGC26 > the week before 26 week exp MA is higher than previous week. I'm just stuck on the right side of the equation. I don't think it's XAVG27, but XAVG26.1 doesn't seem to cut it either.

2. Is there a way to create a formula that follows MACD? Like MACD is below the 0 line and has now started to trend up. I use MACD-H and look for long signals when the bars are below the zero line and the latest bar is now higher than the previous bar (weekly chart). I'd love to create a PCF that searches for that.


Topic: weinstein method formula in TC
Posted: Saturday, October 29, 2005 12:04:56 PM
gotcha. I'll work with this for a bit and see what I get. the more i use telechart, the more impressed I am with it's capabilities. I just wish I had paid more attention in algebra class! If they had told me I could make money with math, I would have listened.

thanks again!

Topic: weinstein method formula in TC
Posted: Saturday, October 29, 2005 11:27:07 AM
I'm trying to follow Bruce's logic on this so that I can use parts of it:

C<3 AND MAXH756.10/MINL756.10<=1.1 AND C>=MAXH756.10*1.05

c <3 = close today is < 3.00

maxh756.10/minl756.10 = is that the trading range for the past 3 yrs (756) and within a 10% range? (.l0)

AND C>=MAXH756.10*1.05 = something to the effect that the close today is higher than the 3 year trading range...

I'm lost on the rest of the formula. I've been trying to work a formula that would return say a 25 day consolidation pattern AND that pattern was moving in a 10% range. would that be MAXH25.10/MINL25.10?

I watched the video on breakouts and bouncers, very helpful for the next step - finding the actual breakout!


Topic: Indicator Reading Question
Posted: Monday, October 24, 2005 12:37:12 PM
Thank you, just want I needed!
Topic: Indicator Reading Question
Posted: Sunday, October 23, 2005 10:22:31 PM

Is there a way to discern an exact reading from an indicator like RSI? I know that if I test an indicator while creating a PCF, then it will show the reading. (for example RSI3.6 > 80) if I test that, it will say that the RSI of the test stock is 79.42 or whatever.

Is there anywhere else I can get this reading for any of my indicators? (RSI, ADX, etc)