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Profile: Alexandria
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Topic: How the government, and banks are sticking to you behind your back
Posted: Tuesday, July 29, 2008 5:52:04 PM
Four banks in a join statermentj said " We all look forward to being leading issuers as the US Covered market of bonds develops"

And then little Paulson revealed the guidelines for issuers of covered bonds.  Furthermore Paulson continues to say that he believes that covered bonds will help alliviate some pressure in the US mortgage markets - THAN NOW DEPENDS ON FANNIE AND FREDDI MAC, AND OTHER GOVERNMENT - LINKED ENTITIES FOR OVER 70% OF FUNDS

WHAT A JOKE FOLKS!!! Can't they lie and laugh a little harder on your own face???

Covered bonds are just a cover for the fact that the securitization process has taken mortgage notes and sold them, which means that the mortgage lenders no longer hold the notes, Uniform Code states that you must present the actual mortgage note in order to foreclose; just like you must present a check in order to cash a check. This is contract law!

People are starting to fight back. There is a company in California, that is helping home owners stand up for their rights. All the talk about covered bonds and loan modifications in the Housing Relief Bill are just hiding the fact that the Big 4 banks are involved in massive illegal foreclosures.

Mortgage lenders have lost the old mortgage notes. If they can't replace them with new notes, (and they'll keep them on their books this time), then they are in a world of hurt. Seventy five percent of the mortgage notes (and attempted foreclosures) are illegal. Stand up and fight for your rights!
Topic: There is a shocker !
Posted: Tuesday, July 29, 2008 5:40:48 PM
QUOTE (scottnlena)
another thread between Bigblock and Apsll locked... I never saw that coming.
may as well delete it.

aprtialy my fault.. I started having a bit of fun there also.

What fun you go saying around while I am banned.  You are more of a wimp than Apesll is.
You always come out, when you know you cannot be answered back.
You are like a little leech

Next time, I am not going pass my hand easy on you.
What you need to do is stand for yourself, and contribute something interesting, and real to this forum, which you have never done.
You are just like a little leech feeding on the hard work and resources of others as it is your right.

No wonder you are lost in the markets, you can't even figure out a key stroke.
Topic: System Design
Posted: Friday, February 01, 2008 11:44:20 PM
Bigblock was banned suposedly for posting a picture from a book to respond to Scott.  He will return on the 4th to reply.
Topic: System Design
Posted: Thursday, January 31, 2008 11:26:39 AM

Bigblock has been banned again as per the request of Aspll.
Happy now.

Topic: Don't fight the trend...
Posted: Tuesday, November 20, 2007 1:33:07 AM

This seen to be under way.
Today's drop had nothing to do with GM earnings, or warnings from goldman sachs, or citigroup or any other B/S they want to tell you.  Iran was the point of impact, and I assume there will be a lot more to come just from there.
Today Iran declare they will no longer accept the dollar as the default currency to purchase oil.  This will set a precedence for many other countries to do the same.
The devaluation of the dollar as I discussed before will neither benefit this country nor help the economy as much as "they" told you it would.  Just a cheap shot at decreasing the debt.
I think most folks around the globe are getting the picture by now.
I commented before that the valuation of the markets did not meet the current economic condition regardless of what "they" tell you.  You are being told lies.
Anyways I know it is hard for some of you to short the markets, but that has been, and I expect it to be the norm for a while now.
The markets are aiming right now at breaking the support it had from March highs.

Topic: Broader action / broader view
Posted: Monday, November 19, 2007 1:00:06 AM
Folks I am glad that the initial post helped many of you.
It wasn't my intention to either promote anyones work here or to claim any benefit from it either.
The message was clearly the only intention on this post.
As many of you probably already figured out, I was well aware of this prior to even see it presented in such a neat way.
I could had not presented this in a better way even if I had the time to compose it myself - hence my quick move to show it to you as I thought it would be extremelly helpful to many of you in making some long term predictions.
This wasn't used with any comercial purpose or else, just simply for the message.
I would had like to give credit to who composed, but that would had probably represented a conflict of interest to the wordens.
Since I had my share of problems in the past as far as conflic of interest, I thought that in order for the post to be able to stay on this boards as just  a message, it had to be free of any "conlflict of interest".  And thererfore it was presented just as that.  
If the moderator tells me otherwise (meaning that is ok to advertise who initially composed the post) I have no problem with posting it as such.

By the way, Diceman, Religion is the fate of this world.

Take care.
Topic: Hope you can tell Cramer when you see him ...
Posted: Thursday, November 15, 2007 9:00:48 PM

You are wellcome Laphill.
It seems most had short term upside.  Pull backs are a add ons.
Reality - SCHW had the most upside, and still in the move - what is stirring your grits Mon?

take care.

Topic: swim - -picture perfect strength for short term
Posted: Thursday, November 15, 2007 8:48:46 PM
I think a little too late so.  In my book this pick would had been a long back in 9/17/07 - now is about 2 month after the fact.  But not just that - stochastics are at oversold in the daily as well as the 3 day, and almost at the 13 day frame.  IF the 13 day frame takes on oversold before the retracement occurs your 14.20 or so I am afraid will run much lower than that.
Zoom out a bit and I wouldn't touch this  long term at anything above 17.5.  Break the 10 level and you know where it will go.

Take care.
Topic: Keep your eye on this one - the lights are flashing
Posted: Thursday, November 15, 2007 2:09:20 AM
Funny I forgot to tell you which one - IIJI that is the stock .
Topic: Keep your eye on this one - the lights are flashing
Posted: Thursday, November 15, 2007 2:08:26 AM
It is breaking strong resistant, and the lights are certainly flashing.  Volatility is high here and it likes to gap.  If you are not a daytrader make sure to have some pecto-bismol near by or in the worst case some heart pills.
I like it so.