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Posted : Friday, September 08, 2017 2:36:07 PM
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   No one asks anything about the trading software aspects of tc2000 on these forums.

Can I do so here? Maybe set up a new discusssion forum?

I am not fully understanding the buy  and sell from an indicator functions that seems so promising:


I need to study it more and play with it in the paper trading.


Also, the v17 software new capabilities allow column generation from not only pcfs but also from chart-generated conditions. The web based v12.5 doesn't allow the latter. 

Is this correct?

Many thanks,



Posted : Friday, September 08, 2017 2:56:03 PM

Worden Trainer

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The lack of a forum devoted specifically to the trading in TC2000 is at least somewhat intentional. We can't actually give any trading or settings advice. I can't actually provide any information at all about real trading. All we can help you with is the features of the program (and not as to how those features might pertain to actual trading using the program).

The Stock and Market Talk forum is for customer discussions about trading. TC2000 Brokerage Customer Service can answer some questions about actual trading with TC2000 (it is a different company).

That said, the feature you are talking about allows you to set up an indicator which plots in the price scale and then use that indicator to generate trading signals. It needs to be an indicator which uses the price scale and be something which price can actually hit or cross in order to trigger a trading signal.

Both TC2000 v12 and TC2000 v17 allow you to generate conditions both using formulas and from the chart.

What TC2000 v17 adds is the ability to create such conditions directly when selecting Add Column in a WatchList or EasyScan and for conditions created based on indicators to be created even if those indicators are not already plotted in the chart..

In TC2000 v12, you would need to create the formula first or click on an indicator on the chart itself and select Create Scan Condition.

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